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Let the person you really are, SHINE!

Open the door to LETTING GO of who you are not.

Thank you for registering for The ALIGN Adventure.

Please remember to dress comfortably, and to bring your personal water bottle, yoga mat, and blanket.

Event Details:

The ALIGN Adventure will be held at La cabane en bois rond, 331 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau, QC J8Y 6T3.

Event schedule:

Friday, April 5th; 18:00-21:00

Saturday, April 6th; 08:00 – 18:00

If you have any questions regarding The ALIGN Adventure, please feel free to contact:

Dr. Joe Piazza, DC at dr.joe@thehappyspine.ca
Dr. Tony Sandorfi, DC at dr.tonysandorfi@gmail.com

For those planning on travelling to ALIGN and wishing to stay overnight in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, click here for some hotels near the venue.


We look forward to creating an ALIGN Adventure with you to access the resources to live an EXTRAORDINARY life!

No-scent policy:

Please note that we have a no-scent policy in effect for The ALIGN Adventure as many are sensitive.

Please refrain from wearing or using perfumes, colognes, body sprays, laundry softeners (i.e febreze, wash scent-boosters, etc).

Hotels nearby:

For those who are planning on travelling to The ALIGN Adventure and staying overnight in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we would recommend you book your accommodations at any of these hotels near the venue: nearby hotels