Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for self-betterment, I just think that like with anything else, there are better ways to do it, than there are lesser ways to go about it.

Sometimes, we jump from course, to course, to course, in person or online. Ultimately we may be trying to fulfill the need to belong or feel like we’re actualy doing something. What if we were to pause once in a while to integrate what we’re (hopefully) learning?

The information that we learn in these areas is often the result of what worked for one person. They found it so valuable in their lives and want to share it with everyone else. Their desire is that it will help you, as it did them.

We ultimately need to make it our own and often don’t. Until we live our truth, we can’t truly share it with others.

At some events, we may have at least one peak experience. Although this can be unsettling, it can also be literally mind-blowing as our experience defies words or a definition. Peak experiences reveal to us that there is more potential in life to experience. It casts our every day experiences into the category of mundane. Although, we can sometimes develop a reliance on or addiction to the peak experience.

Too many peak experiences can unsettle the mind and nervous system to a point beyond stability.

Conversely, what if we were able to “call in” the energy of a peak experience into our daily lives. How could it inform our emotions and feelings? What about our perceptions, mood or outlook?

Constant action doesn’t translate into sustainability. Even ants and bees rest. Improving oneself not only requires changing behaviours and perspectives (along with changing our physiology), we also must consider time for rest, reflection, dreaming/imagining, and discovering; all things that are harder to do when in constant action.

At The ALIGN Adventure, we make sure to include all of the ingredients of reflection and discovery, physical and mental transformation and the awakening to our greater selves. It makes for a very satisfying experience!