Staying in Your Comfort Zone May Be Your Best Move Right Now

Personal growth implies exploring life outside of your comfort zone. People like Anthony Robbins have made it their life mission to teach people how to identify their comfort zone as well as many ways of breaking through or past their comfort zone. Why reach past our comfort zone? In order to access more of life: […]

The Problem with Self-Improvement

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for self-betterment, I just think that like with anything else, there are better ways to do it, than there are lesser ways to go about it. Sometimes, we jump from course, to course, to course, in person or online. Ultimately we may be trying to fulfill the need to […]

Create Clarity & Command Your Life

Create Clarity At ALIGN you can focus on building and reorganizing your clarity to create your best version of YOU and YOUR life. Access clarity on what you want to build and how to build it. Do you want to build more walls, or more connection and open space? Command Your Life Align with a […]

The ALIGN Adventure

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Let the person you really are SHINE! Open the door to LETTING GO of who you are not. Warning: The ALIGN Adventure is a transformational event and will upgrade the way you experience your body, your mind, and your life. Your participation may provoke shock and awe as you discover worlds beyond what seemed possible, […]