Let the person you really are SHINE!

Open the door to LETTING GO of who you are not.

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The ALIGN Adventure


The ALIGN Adventure is a transformational event that will upgrade the way you experience your body, your emotions, your mind, and your life.

Your participation may provoke wonder and surprise as you discover worlds beyond what seemed possible.

It may also elicit vitality, clarity, enthusiasm, renewed purpose, extraordinary results, and profound awakening.

It may interrupt the life you’ve been living.

Energize Your Life!

Be more active! Create a sense of stability and consistency in your life. Be drawn towards your dreams instead of pushing away your fears. Remove the veils to the vibrations that have shrouded you from being who you really are and why you are here.

Break Through!

Stretch beyond where you are now. Experience something new and different! Engage fully with your life. Vibrate at the frequency level where these resources exist.


Rediscovering your authentic self; flourish and manifest flexibility, resiliency, curiosity and determination. See the opportunities to BE more resource-full. Discover who you really are, and SHINE!


Recognize the gifts of who, and where, you are in life. Develop more gratitude and self-compassion. Experience the joy of existence, adding value to the world, and sharing the wisdom you have gained in your life.

ALIGN to something BIGGER

Whether you have been receiving NetworkSpinal® entrainments for many years and are already tuned in to the benefits of NetworkSpinal® (NS) and Somato-Respiratory Integration® (SRI), or are on a different personal journey that needs more fuel and oxygen, The ALIGN Adventure events are designed to launch you into a new way of being where you are in command of your life, your relationships and your life’s purpose.

Why Attend

The ALIGN Adventure

Awaken & Expand

Meet the demands and challenges that are currently facing you, and beyond. Explore, awaken and expand your inner and outer resources - embody energies that support awakening and expansion of your life.

Create Clarity

At ALIGN create more clarity and coherence between your body, emotions, mind, and values.

Command Your Life

ALIGN with a life of purpose, passion, meaning and fulfillment. Consciously, intentionally, and deliberately creating and living the life YOU choose!

Energy Rich!

The energy state(s) you normally embody determines the life you create. Which energy state(s) do you use regularly? “Energy Rich” - When you are in an energy rich state, you make choices that benefit you, humanity, and nature.

What People Say About The ALIGN Adventure

Dr. Joe Piazza, DC
Carla David pic
Carla Affe, RCRT & David Bienstock, BA, LLB
Dr. Tony Sandorfi, DC
Grace So, RMT, RMO

The ALIGN Team

Entrainment: Dr. Joe & Dr. Tony

Somato-Respiratory Integration: Grace

Support Angels: Carla & David

Joe Dr Energy & The Happy Spine

Dr. Joe Piazza is a Neuro-Structural Chiropractor who served the Aurora/Newmarket, ON community for 16 years. As his life moves through different seasons, in 2018 he followed an inner calling and moved from the Toronto area to practice at The Happy Spine in Ottawa.

Dr Joe believes that: “we are designed to adapt, grow, and evolve with an infinite number of changes in our environment. The secret to good life lies in accessing useful strategies to move with the changing experiences of our lives. We all possess all of the resources we require; we simply need to learn how to access them successfully.”

Dr. Joe’s passion is to empower that greatness residing within every one of us through advanced healing workshops both in the office, and in conjunction with other practitioners around Ontario. Dr. Joe also enjoys producing audio and video content on wellbeing.

When Joe’s not in the office, he enjoys golf, alpine skiing, cycling and hockey, as well as enjoying more relaxing pursuits such as reading (especially science-fiction and fantasy, quantum sciences, and personal growth) and crossword puzzles.

The Happy Spine

Dr. Tony Sandorfi is a NeuroStructural chiropractor who has been serving the Ottawa/Gatineau community for the last 20 years.

NeuroStructural Correction is founded on a brain-based model that integrates functional neurology, stress physiology and mind-body medicine.
Early on in his practice, Dr. Tony realized that what people needed most, was not a quick fix which would need fixing over and over again, but a holistic sustainable solution.

Dr. Tony teaches people tools to empower and optimize their health and well-being. Dr. Tony’s passion is seeing his patients get permanent, long-lasting results!

When Tony’s not in the office, he’s travelling with his divine wife, Magdalena, or playing with their two dogs, Charlie the German Shepherd and Mr. Big the Yorkie.


Oasis Health & Wellness & Bellesnere Massage Therapy Clinic

Grace is an RMT, Manual Osteopath, Angelic Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor & Advanced Somato-Respiratory Integration Educator & Facilitator on the 12 Stages of Healing.

She has a private practice in Toronto. She has been coaching individuals and groups for the past 30+ years and is a Public Speaker on health and wellness, working extensively with chiropractors and other health care practitioners, community centers and corporations. She has lead over 150 health and wellness workshops in Canada, US and UK. She has a global vision that encompasses an evolutionary perspective that is empowering, enlightening, uplifting and healing.

Prior to opening a full-time health and wellness practice, I have worked in the corporate arena for over 25 years in the capacity of COO of a Lexpert, Director of Publications, Client Development Manager and Mortgage Officer.

She often works on an intuitive level to achieve results that are sustainable by helping you create an environment that is aligned with universal energies. This results in an expanding your awareness of how you can actively participate in your own evolution and transformation so that you can live from your most authentic self, experience your own personal power, and manifest your purpose and vision from a place of optimal health and wellness.

Those who have engaged in her services have expressed a profound level of healing and clarity, as well as a deeper sense of harmony and balance within, resulting in connecting to their own Divinity and true Life’s Purpose.

Carla | Pure Life Healing

Carla is an energy & intuitive healer based in Toronto, with a Mastery in multiple healing techniques, channeling messages and energy directly from Divine Source.

She has had the pleasure and privilege since 2008 to work with many people to bring healing, relief and guidance. It is her passion to assist others intuitively developing their own healing through personal and transformational techniques to bring those gifts to light in order to love a more fulfilling life.

With a prior career in corporate software sales and channel sales, as well as an undergraduate degree in Italian and French literature. She brings a strong organizational and leadership development background to her work having facilitated many workshops over the years.

Carla’s mission is to help facilitate a profound level of self-healing and alignment within you so that you can evolve and become masters of your own destiny, health and well-being.

David | Benchmark

I have coached and mentored hundreds of people over the last 20+ years.  My experience has extended from business and executive coaching to life coaching. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.

A life coach is an active and objective listening partner who will challenge, direct, facilitate and support you as your personal success guide. You will be encouraged and motivated to explore avenues for growth, all in an atmosphere of trust and partnership.  Coaching has become a useful tool for individuals seeking out a level of personalized support to help them navigate life’s challenges.  Like a personal trainer, life coaches build a personalized development plan and help you overcome your challenges, regardless of whether you are striving for immediate results, or preparing yourself to advance toward a new breakthrough.

I will work with you to fully tap into your potential, intellectually, emotionally, and intuitively, assisting in such areas as:

  • Interpersonal, family & work relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Career and career transition opportunities
  • Work/life balance
  • Self-esteem/self-confidence and
  • Personal wellness


The ALIGN Adventure Event Details

The ALIGN Adventure events are designed to launch you into a new way of being where you are in command of your life, your relationships and your life’s purpose.

If you want to ALIGN with your life’s purpose and create more abundance, more love, more peace, more joy, then you must vibrate at the level where these resources and energy exist.

Join us for ALIGN Day in Ottawa on April 5-6, 2024.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • raise your level of consciousness, vibration and frequency to create the life you are meant to live;
  • launch yourself to a place where you will feel more powerful and unshakable in all aspects of your life


ALIGN your body, emotions, mind, and energy; create your purpose and ALIGN with why you are here.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Join us!

Discover something new in your life, Transform the stories you have created, Awaken to your highest Self, and Integrate and share your SELF with the world.

Hotels nearby:

For those who are planning on travelling to The ALIGN Adventure and staying overnight in Ottawa, here is a map of hotels near the venue: nearby hotels

Refund Policy:

For cancellations more than one week prior to the event a $175 cancellation fee will apply.

For cancellations less than one week prior to the event, no refunds will be issued.

Cancellations must be made via email to: info@thehappyspine.ca

ALIGN to Your Greatest Gifts

ALIGN is for you if you are looking to discover more experiences AND BE more of you – not just for yourself, also for everyone else around you (even people you don’t know)!

Join us for ALIGN and experience all of who you are!

Future ALIGN Adventure Dates:

ALIGN Adventure – Ottawa | Autumn 2024 (TBD).

Please click the button below to register for Ottawa – Autumn 2024 ALIGN Adventure

Results & Health Disclaimer:

Our Services are meant to support you in creating and manifesting a more empowered and harmonious environment. The information and services provided by The ALIGN Team, Joe DrEnergy, The Happy Spine, Oasis Health & Wellness, Pure Life Healing, Benchmark.Guru are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

This information is intended for educational purposes only, not as medical advice.

We do not diagnose or claim to treat or heal any physical or mental illness, disease, or any other disorder.

If you have questions or concerns about any medical issue please consult with, and seek advice from, your medical practitioner, or other professional healthcare provider.

Thank you.

The ALIGN Team